Who are we?

VrtisWorks is a group of computer professionals with over 55 years of combined experience. We are interested in making the web an everyday experience for your customers. Our target is small businesses who want to expand and improve their presence on the web. We are interested in developing an ongoing relationship with our customers. There are lots of people who will be happy to go through the install process for you, make sure the new code does not crash the system, and let you figure out how to do something with it.

If you are afraid of the "lawyer" model of internet support, where you pay for every email, phone call, etc. in 1 minute increments then we are interested in helping you. We do not work for free, but when we charge you for an hour of work, we expect that you will feel you have gotten your money's worth.

How are we different?

What is unique about VrtisWorks is that you, as a customer, will have access to a group of people who have or had "day jobs" far beyond the experience that you would expect from our reasonable rates. Where possible, we will start with Open Source Software. This saves you money, because you do not start with having to pay for the orignal code. We also believe in writing code that is clean, well organized, and with appropiate comments. And you own your copy of the code. So, if you are not happy with us, you can have somebody else work on it.

What is our speciality?

We have experience in: database systems (mySQL), server-side programming (PHP, Java), web server configuration (Apache), and browser programming (Javascript and CSS). Does that sound all geek to you? No problem...You can describe what you want to get done in your terms, and we will figure out how to get it done. And tell you honestly how practical it is. Remember, the computers onboard the lunar lander were not as powerful as a common desktop now. So, just about anything is "possible"; the question is how difficult it is.

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